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I live in the Pacific Northwest where fairy gardening is much easier with miniature trees than with plants that require a great deal of sunshine.  I grow succulents on my kitchen windowsill because they get enough sun, but the constant rain would drown my other plants.

This weekend I gifted a miniature tree to my friend and she used it to stage several of her fairy garden kits that were adorable, featuring vintage Mattel dollhouse furniture pieces.  She even had a construction set with minions.  🙂

Miniature trees have many benefits besides being hardy and weatherproof:

  1. They grow fast
  2. They prune easily
  3. They grow well in part shade and indirect sunlight
  4. They create an "umbrella" for your fairy garden
  5. They are less inclined to become infested with bugs, fungus, and mold
  6. They're portable

Full fairy gardening 101 tutorial here on how to prune your plant into a miniature tree and what species work well as miniature trees (members only).